The FIREfficient project (Operational tools for improving efficiency in wildfire risk reduction in EU landscapes) aims to establish a sustainable platform for efficient exchange of available knowledge in which "lessons-learned" can be made available to relevant stakeholders and public agencies at EU level, dealing with innovative operational tools and means to integrate the prediction of potential fire events into emergency strategies and land-use planning. The Project seeks to build capacity for planning developers to enhance the transfer of best practices and lessons-learned in wildfires to planning practices and processes. The main results of the projects will be:

  • Capitalization of knowledge of innovative tools for a cost-effective wildfire risk management in the context of climate change.
  • EU context adaptation of operational transfer tools for prior fire assessment and actor participatory processes.
  • Development of a knowledge base and "lessons-learned" platform of innovative tools and means for wildfire hazard assessment.
Project duration is 24th month (January 2014 - December 2015). The Partnership is composed by five institutions of 3 countries: Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (Coordinator), Department of Interior from the Government of Catalonia, Fire Ecology and Management Foundation Pau Costa Alcubierre (Spain), European Forest Institute - Central European Regional Office and the Observatory for European Forests (Germany) and King's College London (United Kingdom). The project is one of the 17 projects co-financed in the Call for proposals 2013 for projects on prevention and preparedness in civil protection and marine pollution from Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection - European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO).