Links and documentation

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  • FAO. 2006. Fire management: review of international cooperation. Fire Management Working Paper 18. Rome.    pdfwww
  • Silva Mediterranean Newsletter nº 4 Août 2010 Dossier spécial sur la prévention des Feux de Forêts.    pdfwww
  • Silva Mediterranean Newsletter nº 4 Auguts 2010 Special focus on prevention of forest fires.   pdfwww
  • Report Workshop on Forest Fires in the Mediterranean Region: Prevention and Regional Cooperation. CFS-Italy, FAO. Sabaudia , Italy , 13-15 May 2008.   pdfwww
  • FAO Silva Mediterranea and other institutions 2010. Position Paper. Wildfire Prevention in the Mediterranean.    pdfwww
  • EFI 2009. Living with Wildfires: What Science Can Tell Us . Discussion paper 15.    pdfwww
  • EFI 2010. Towards Integrated Fire Management – Outcomes of the European Project Fire Paradox. Research Report.    pdfwww
  • EFI 2011. Prevention of Large Wildfires using the Fire Types Concept . Fire Paradox Project Publications.    pdfwww
  • Improving management of UK wildfire through knowledge exchange (KfWf): www
  • Building wildfire resilience into forest management planning (UK Forestry Comission): pdf

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