Workshop on integrating wildfire risk in the urban and spatial planning: Review of knowledge and practices

Solsona, 12th and 13th June 2014

Objective and program


Wildfire risk management and land use planning: Challenges and opportunities. Eduard Plana, CTFC pdf
New knowledge for new situation: the prediction of upcoming fire events. How it works? What the fire services need form the spatial and urban planning? Oriol Vilalta, PCF pdf
Review and evaluations of knowledge to measure extreme fire spread risk at forest and landscape level planning. Míriam Piqué et al, CTFC pdf
Obstacles and challenge for wild fire risk integration into land planning. Daniel Kraus, Alexander Held, EFICENT  pdf & Eduard Plana, CTFCpdfpdf
Risk assessment in the land use planning; principles and tools. Ricard Pié. ETSAB-UPC
Local Wildfires groups approach. Andrew Miller, Northumberland National Park. pdf
Swinley Forest Fire Case Study. Aleksandra Kazmierczaksearch Fellow, University of Manchester. pdf
Urban planning and wildfire risk in Wild-Land Urban interfase. David Caballero, Meteogrid pdf
Operational data assessement for wildfire risk at terrtiry level. Jordi Rius, Fire Service, Government of Catalonia.
Field trippdfpdf
Conclusions pdf