FIREfficient and FRISK GO extension work: Burn2Learn

March 13th 2015

In continuation of last year’s training events on the use of controlled fire with the Federal Forest Service (FFS) of Germany (see, this Friday 13th was the day to go burning again. The skill transfer to the FFS took place under supervision of EFICENT fire ecologists and in cooperation with the local nature conservation organization. The location was in northwestern Germany in the “Drover Heide”, where the use of fire for land management started already back in 2007.

In addition to managing the land for nature conservation and improved cattle grazing, this day was also used to demonstrate the safe use of fire for fuel load reduction. The technique was presented to landscape and forest planning teams with regard to understanding and including (expected) fire risk management into their overall land use planning. This is supporting EFICENTs role in the FIREfficient project.

The event was documented by the “NANO science report” documentary and will be shown on German TV in about 4 weeks.


Copyright: Rene Mause, BioStation Düren