Annual training Seminar of the district fire chiefs of Brandenburg State.

November 16th 2015

Brandenburg has a fire danger class comparable to Spain and is dominated by pine forests on sandy soils. Further, Brandenbrg has the highest density and extend of military training sites with a 150 year history of military use, wars and ammunition testing sites. The german Kaiser, then the Wehrmacht and then the Red Army used these aras for intensive training. The level of contamination with Unexploded Ordnance UXO is very high and poses a rely threat to fire fighters.

The UXO –forest fire problem requires a new approach especially since most areas are now abandoned from military use and control. It would require a coordinated effort and concept, which is not in place.

European Forest Institute did present the Firefficient project and results. Focus was on presenting the Obstacles and Hindrances that were discussed just a week before in the UK wildfire conference in Glasgow. The discussed obstacles for integrated fire management under the light of UXO contamination varied significantly from the project findings. Mainly due to very complex challenges when faced with unknown UXO levels and UXO types. The fire service organization based on districts and municipalities did not help to find a commonly agreed approach for the whole state.