Results of Task 2. Reviewing key knowledge, tools and practices to integrate large fire planning into territory planning

Report on review and evaluation of knowledge

Proceedings of the international workshop on wildfire risk assessment and land planning

Report on challenges for wildfire risk integration into land planning

Results of Task 3. Building capacity on anticipatory fire risk assessment for land and fire planers

Protocol for testing fire spread models

Training activities on the use of crow fire hazard charts

Protocol for ignition risk assessment

Specific tools for training fire and landscape planners in the use of fire-spread simulation models

Protocol for a cost-effective assessment on fuel treatments at landscape level

Report on Social factor and territorial dimension of wildifre risk management: managing societal involvement and cross-sectoral planning

Methodology for incorporating large FIRE risk into landscape management decision making

Training standards in wildfire risk planning

Student Dossier ; Wildfire simulators for prevention management

Task 4. Implementation of transfer activities

Expert database of land and fire planners

LESSONS ON FIRE: A Participatory and Knowledge-based platform

Results of Task 5. Information, dissemination and capitalization actions

Communication and dissemination plan

Book of Guidelines: Operational tools and guidelilnes for improving efficiency in wildfire risk reduction in EU landscapes

Articles and Newsletters

Informative material: Project roll-up

FIREfficient Layman’s Report

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