Action A2.3 Workshop on innovative tools and practices on wildfire hazard assessment and land planning.

Description: A workshop of experts will be organized to discuss about the tools and innovate practices favouring the integration of fire risk management into territory planning. During this workshop, different partners will present the results of activities A2.1 and A2.2. It will include the presentation of successful cases a European scale, and we will ensure the contribution of relevant European social actors concerned by or involved in the planning of the EU territory and management of emergencies and natural risks. The overall goal of the workshop is to discuss about available and potential tools and to identify, together with their final users, the challenges and needs to be addressed to foster their integration into territory planning processes and activities.
The workshop will take place during 2.5 days at the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (Project Coordinator, Spain), which offers idoneous installations and a very favourable environment for this kind of activities. It will include plenary sessions as well as group discussions. The project’s partners will act as focal points to mobilize the relevant social actors in their sphere of influence, and will collaborate tightly to ensure the involvement of European Institutions.

Expected results: Workshop event, minutes of the workshop, Powerpoint presentations downloadable from website.

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