The FIREfficient project aims to establish a sustainable platform for efficient exchange of available knowledge in which “lessons-learned” can be made available to relevant stakeholders and public agencies at EU level, dealing with innovative operational tools and means to integrate the prediction of potential fire events into emergency strategies and land-use planning.


The Project seeks to build capacity for planning developers to enhance the transfer of best practices and lessons-learned in wildfires to planning practices and processes, through a set of knowledge management strategies, addressing four main challenges:


  • To capitalize the knowledge, tools and procedures to improve fire hazard landscape resilience in the context of different socio-economic environments within the EU from a cost-effective approach.
  • To consolidate the methodology, data sources and enhance the comparability of the results from prior fire event assessments.
  • To strengthen the performance of existing successful tools and procedures applied at best practice sites, and to enhance their transfer capacity at EU level.
  • To promote the transnational cooperation of competent bodies for moving towards a common basis for the management of wildfire risk across Europe.

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